#rhizo15 – Learning subjectivs in the garden of opportunities

Learning Subjectives: designing for when you don’t know where you’re going

Build learning subjectives: How do we design our own or others learning when we don’t know where we are going? How does that free us up? What can we get done with subjectives that can’t be done with objectives?

When I was a teacher I always planted seeds of the unknown in my students heads and the curriculum, so to break the spell of the all-knowing teacher and give the students a taste of free will and a whiff a a nomadic wind. Some kids was/is bound by objectives or the idea that the curriculum held the truth as a map of knowledge. Some rebelled, shouted, got angry and was provoked by the idea of free will in the system and more often than not they had to struggle to formulate an idea of a goal and their own learning outcome with a course.

Inspired by Kierkegaard and authenticity I often asked my students about their goals and beliefs.

Where is the authentic you? How can we find that voice of yours?

A text/texts that I often return to is Mary Ann Reillys When Things Fall Apart: Slow Walking on Made Roads describing walking as a metaphor for learning and the battle with the idea of trees and arborescence.

”When certainty collapses, it’s often replaced by curiosity”

And that was my goal. Curiosity. I wanted to create a space where they could get curious about themselves, the path to elsewhere and where they could end up if they started walking and learning in their own pace and without a map.

However, when it comes to my own learning subjectives I´m wondering if to much of freedom hampers my learning as it all spreads to thin. There is a freedom to plant, but do I have to water all my flower buds? Last year; i failed miserably in the #rhizo14 course, a halfhearted attempt to find time ended up into a stressful situationen, shame and a mental knot. I just had to abandon the idea and my hope to find time.

My own strategy lately is to channel my energy into certain areas, trying not to actively plant to many seeds and sprouts, or get swept away in yet another wonderful enterprise. This time, in an effort of will, I´ll have to make room for curiosity. Its time to call the Digital Arborist to take care of my garden.

How do you cultivate your life as a rhizomatic learner when your head is full of opportunities? Can the idea of an arborist exist in the garden of D&G?

My own learning contract is in the open and this is a way for me to prioritize, focus and make room for the unexpected. But I´m toying with the idea of a digital arborist to help out in my head of opportunities.

Looking forward to the journey and connecting with you.

To many notes...