Visualization of rhizome

Within a week or two me and my friend Henrik Widaeus will launch a brand new learning initiative based on thoughts from Deleuze and Guattaris book A thousand plateaus. But I´ll give you a sneak peek of some of the material right now, and most of it will be usable with the Creative Common License CC BY-NC when its finished. This visualization is made with Gephi by Daniel Lapidus.

Visualization of Wikipedia articles connecting to Rhizome

This is the Wikipedia article Rhizome and all of the articles connecting to it. I´ll use this material when I´m talking about rhizomatic learning and how knowledge in a classroom can organically connect and grow, mixing social relations, connectivism and ideas. Just like Wikipedia. Just like Dave Cormier who have started using the Cynefin framework as a filter or model to explain this very complex and life changing  ideas. Our goal, don´t know if I really can speak for all of us in this rhizomatic learning movement but as I understand it, this isn’t a academic elitist agenda but an interested and thought sharing group who wants to reach out, connect and discuss with teachers, students and all of you interested in learning.