As Dave Cormier posted a tweet about his book and the chapter Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum covering a rhizomatic viewpoint on education and I retweeted it, he asked me to post some material about swedes working in education who is interested in Deleuze and Rhizome. Here goes:

Several posts about my preparation of my Wikipedia lecture, and the rhizomatic theme: (about Google Wave) (about the future, technology and learning)

Here is a slideshare from my lecture about the school as an ecosystem.

A pedagogy magazine:
Writer: Björn Johanesson

Other teachers who writes about Deleuze: (Björn Johanesson)

A library workshop where we talked about a redefinition of the library identity using models from Deleuze and McLuhan.

This event at Skolforum, an educational fair, got a rhizomatic theme. Where we tried to redefine school and knowledge.

All material is in swedish, but I think you´ll grasp the context and how I and other teachers are using the ideas from Deleuze.

Good luck!